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Fri, Aug. 24th, 2007, 01:10 pm
Room 631

I live in Ashville, North Carolina. Yessss.
We got to move in a day early. My bed is wicked comfortable and I've unpacked alla my clothes (of which, I and Brian and Kaitlin have established, there are far too many articles). We bought a couch and a small shelf and are in the middle of decorating everything. That's gonna take a super long time. I have so much stuff I like on the walls. Most of them pictures, and most from Star/Star related events. Woo.

School starts on Monday, which means that I leave for the woods very, very soon. This is very, very scary/super exciting.

Kaitlin just asked me if I'm familiar with a band called Sisters with Hammers.

Can I talk about Jon now? 'Cause I'm gonna. Can I say how fucking amazing he is? And how no one-not a single person, ever- has made me feel the way that he does? Tyler was great (at first, anyway), but Jon surpasses everything that I had with him. And the fact that he lives in Seattle doesn't bother me at all. I mean, yeah, it sucks a little, but the emotions that are swimming around in me are just fucking incredible. Aaahhh happymushygiggleyglitterrainbowsandponies. Good things.

Okay. Gotta get things done. I want to paint today and put some things up. Woo!

Love and stuff.