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Tue, Dec. 11th, 2007, 04:30 pm

In one week Jon will be here. In one week from Thursday we will begin our trek up the Blue Ridge Parkway toward my home, where he will leave for his parents' house in Suffolk County. In two weeks we will be on a plane to Ecuador. Holy shit.
I still can't believe that we're actually doing this. I remember when he told me that he was thinking of going to South America for the winter to learn Spanish/have an adventure, and the smile he had on his face when he asked me to go with him. And we're really doing it.
He told me that he might move to Asheville in 6-8 months. I told him that I really, really like the idea. It would be pretty amazing to live in the same city. We could laugh and cuddle and take hikes and make dinner together all the time. It sounds pretty nice to me.
Gush gush gush. All I wanna do is gush.